Dosing and Administration

XHANCE is easy to use1

Please see Instructions for Use for detailed administration instructions.


To prime XHANCE for first use:

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  • Remove the cap and shake the device well
  • Spray the device 7 times or until a fine mist is expelled

To use XHANCE2:

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1 Seal

First, shake well. Then, using 1 or 2 hands, place your fingers on the indented grip BELOW the mouthpiece.

Gently insert the nosepiece into your nose to form a tight seal, then rotate to insert the flexible mouthpiece into your mouth while keeping the nosepiece deep in the nostril.

Keep a tight seal between the nosepiece and your nostril.
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2 Aim

Aim the device upwards between your eyes.

It may help to use a mirror.
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3 Blow

Take a deep breath and exhale hard into the mouthpiece, as if blowing up a balloon.

Blow, don’t sniff. Don’t block your other nostril.
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4 Press

Keep blowing as you press the bottle with your thumb, releasing the medicine deep into your nasal passages.

Continue blowing hard while pressing the bottle. Repeat these steps for the other nostril.




XHANCE is administered in each nostril twice daily

Image of prescription pad showing how to write XHANCE for 1 spray per nostril twice daily with 5 refillsThe recommended dosage is 
1 spray per nostril (equal to 186 mcg) twice daily.

1 XHANCE unit = 30 days

Image of prescription pad showing how to write XHANCE for 2 sprays per nostril twice daily with 5 refillsXHANCE is also approved for
2 sprays per nostril (equal to 372 mcg) twice daily.

2 XHANCE units = 30 days

The maximum total daily dosage should not exceed 2 sprays in each nostril twice daily (8 sprays total). For best results, patients should use XHANCE regularly, twice daily.

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Download the Dosing Card

Keep a reminder of the approved dosages of XHANCE.

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