Diagnosis of Nasal Polyps
  • Many patients with chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) may develop nasal sessile or pedunculated polyps as the disease progresses from polypoid tissue3,4
  • If 2 or more symptoms—including nasal congestion, loss of smell, nasal discharge, facial pain, or pressure—persist after standard nasal steroids, it’s potentially polyps5,6

Standard nasal steroids predominately deliver to the anterior nasal cavity with minimal deposition above and behind the turbinates, ostiomeatal complex, and superior nasal regions, where most polyps originate.3,7-9

XHANCE Clinical Results

XHANCE significantly improved congestion and nasal polyp grade, regardless of prior experience with standard nasal steroids.1,2,10

  • Average improvement in congestion in a clinical trial using a 0-3 point scale: 0.62 XHANCE 372 mcg BID vs 0.24 EDS-placebo (P<0.001) at Week 41,2
  • Average reduction in bilateral polyp grade in a clinical trial using a 0-3 point scale: 1.41 XHANCE 372 mcg BID vs 0.61 EDS-placebo (P<0.001) at Week 161,2
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